Our professional guides will take you on a detailed tour of the sites and their history.

Yli-Laurosela House Museum

The Yli-Laurosela House Museum recounts the days when South Ostrobothnian architecture and rural culture were at their peak.

Yli-Laurosela offers its visitors a charming setting to experience life in Ostrobothnia.

Also remember to visit the delightful museum café!

The café and the museum are open Wed-Sun from early June to early August, for pre-booked groups from May to September.

Contact: tel. +358 44 532 4191.

Ilmajoki church

The Ilmajoki church invites you to hear stories of the current church and its two predecessors. The history of our congregation spans all the way from the 1500s to the present day.

The church contains fascinating historical artifacts, including sculptures dating back to the 1700s. Keep your eyes open for the gorgeous gallery clock, altar candelabrum, and two chandeliers, all crafted by the renowned third-generation master clockmaker Juho Yli-Könni Sr.

Cemetery walking tours

duration about 1 hour

New cemetery

During this tour you will hear historical accounts of dramatic fates and distinct individuals from Ilmajoki.

Old cemetery

Who was little Elsa, who perished when she was just one year old? Why is a Polish lieutenant buried at Ilmajoki, what was he doing here? Centuries of Ilmajoki history are portrayed through drama and music.

Walking tour of Ilkka field

duration about 1 hour

The Ilkka Field encapsulates local history from the late 1500s to the present day.

During the tour, we will also visit the Opera Arena and you will get to know the Ilmajoki Music Festival.

Bus tours

Tour only: about 1 hour. Tour with guided visits: about 1-2 hours

Guided visits must be booked in advance, please contact our guides to book visits.

Route 1: From the cudgel war to today a journey to Koskenkorva

During the tour you will hear stories about the history of Ilmajoki, including the Cudgel War (1596–1597) and its legendary commander, Jaakko Ilkka. We also offer a glimpse into present-day life in Ilmajoki.

We visit several sights, such as the monument to the final battle of the Cudgel War in Kapalankangas.

Route 2: At the edge of the expanse

This tour takes you along the Kyrönjoki river towards Alajoki, a vast expanse that covers thousands of hectares and has been designated as one of Finland's most nationally valuable landscapes.

From Alajoki we continue to Könni, where 18th and 19th century innovators made it Finland's first "tech hub".

Along this route is Herrgård Manor, also known as Herkooli, which was one of the area's most significant manors of its time.

Route 3: Open plains as far as the eye can see

The tour takes you to Alajoki and one of Ilmajoki's newest residential areas, Ahonkylä.

You will hear fascinating stories. How did a place that started as a research station for wetland cultivation later become a detention center and a women's workhouse?

In the middle of Alajoki are Jussin Jokisaunat (Jussi's riverside saunas), where you can enjoy traditional Ostrobothnian pancakes and coffee while listening to the host's colourful stories about the cultivation of Alajoki and life in the old days.

Armchair travel

Presentation duration about 1 hour.

If you cannot come to us, we can come to you! We will take you to interesting places in Ilmajoki with pictures, tales, and melodies.

Mystery trip to Ilmajoki

How about a day where you do not know where the tour will take you? Gather your group, hop on the bus, and prepare for adventure. We promise to give you an eventful day that is full of surprises!

Sixteen authorised guides at your service.

Languages: Finnish Swedish English German

ILMAJOKI since 1516

The charming town of Ilmajoki is located in South Ostrobothnia. It covers an area of roughly 580 km2, including 3 km2 of lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. The Kyrönjoki River flows through Ilmajoki. It is the longest river in Western Finland at about 200 km. Ilmajoki has a population of just over 12,000. It is the region's most youthful place: one fifth of the population is under the age of 14.


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Photos: Jussi Niukkala